Bears Split Pair of Home Races

Bears Split Pair of Home Races

NEW LONDON, Conn. -- Mount Holyoke beat the Bears in the Varsity 8 race on the Thames River while Coast Guard won the Novice 4 race this morning.

In the Varsity 8 race, Mount Holyoke won with a time of 5:53.3 while the Bears finished in 6:16. 

"This week we once again faced a strong tail wind and tail current and were unable to handle the conditions as well as our competitors in the Varsity 8 race.  With inexperience and youth working against us, the crew struggled to stay connected and move the boat with power and efficiency in the slippery conditions," said Coast Guard head coach Jodi Hope. "However, the crew made some nice improvements since the last race.  The start was much more effective, and catch timing was improved.  I am excited to see this crew continue to make speed gains in the coming weeks."

The Novice 4 had a great race.  It was the first time that lineup rowed together, and they blended very nicely and were able to power the boat down the course cleanly, with great run.  Coxswain Victoria Castleberry filled in as a rower so the boat could race.

The Bears won with a time of 6:57.3 well ahead of the Lyons (7:36.7)


8 - Marissa Marsh
7 - Elaine Weaver
6 - Alyssa Laystrom
5 - Kate Ashbey
4 - Laura Beck
3 - Megan Sackett
2 - Jordan Solseth
1 - Bruna Pavan

C - Clara Beckert
4 - Marissa Marsh
3 - Kate Ashbey
2 - Victoria Castleberry
1 - Charlotte Russell