Dana Rohde
Dana Rohde
Year: 2018
Hometown: Richmond Hill, GA
High School: Richmond Hill High School
Position: Skipper

2015-2016: First Team All-Neisa... 2nd at NEISA Women's Singlehanded Championship... 1st at Yale Women's Interconference Regatta... 1st at Mrs. Hurst Bowl... 1st at the Reid Trophy... 1st at the ICSA Women's Semi-Finals... 1st at the ICSA Women's National Championship

2014-2015: ICSA Honorable Mention All-American Women’s Skipper... 3rd at ICSA Women’s Singlehanded Nationals... 5th at ICSA Eastern Semi-Finals... 2nd at B-Division ICSA Women’s National Championship... 3rd at ICSA Women’s Eastern Semi-Finals... 2nd at New England Women’s Championship... 5th at Thompson Trophy... 4th at Emily Wick Trophy... 5th at Admiral Moore Team Race... 3rd at Atlantic Coast Tournament... 3rd at Stun Nelson Trophy... 4th at Yale Women’s Intersectional... 2nd at Women’s New England Singlehanded Championship... 1st at Toni Deutsch Regatta


Why did you choose to come to the Coast Guard Academy?

To follow in my sisters foot steps, and be a part of something bigger then myself.

How long have you been sailing? How did you start sailing?

I have been sailing for 12 years. I grew up around sailing and in a sailing family. I learned how to sail on a small lake in the middle of Savannah.

What is your favorite thing about the sailing team at Coast Guard?

How hard everyone on the team pushes each other to get better, and how close the team is.

What is the sailing acheivement that you are most proud of?

Winning the U.S. Junior Womens Singlehanded National Championship

What are your future sailing plans and career goals after graduation?

I have always wanted to win the collegiate singlehanded womens championship, as well as being a very competitive coed sailing skipper. After graduation I hope to be sent to a buoy tender somewhere in the southeast.

Tell us something that your teammates would be surprised to know about you.

That sometime after my Coast Guard career I wish to be an Occupation Therapist.