Andrew Britton
Andrew Britton
Year: 2016
Hometown: Palm Beach, FL
High School: Dreyfoos School of the Arts
Position: Crew/Skipper

Major: Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Major

Why did you choose to come to the Coast Guard Academy? I always knew I wanted to attend a Service Academy. When I was looking into where I wanted to go to school I originally had my mind set on the Naval Academy. After visiting both Academies and speaking with the coaches I decided that the Coast Guard was a better service for me. I really enjoy the smaller environment that I am in and don't regret my decision one bit.

How long have you been sailing? How did you start sailing? I have been on a boat my whole life - it runs in the family. I first learned to sail when I was 9 at my local sailing club's summer camp.

What is your favorite thing about the sailing team at Coast Guard? The team here is an awesome way to hang out with fun people and it gets you away from the normal Academy routine. Leaving for regattas every weekend and getting your mind off of school is definitely something not all cadets are able to experience.

What is the sailing achievement that you are most proud of? I think the achievement that I am most proud of is 13th at US Youth Champs in C420s. Although I had gone into that regatta with higher goals in mind it was an honor to qualify for that regatta and capped off a great end to my C420 career.

What are your future sailing plans and career goals after graduation? I really look forward to continuing sailing after the academy. I would love to get into more offshore regattas and compete on an offshore circuit. As for future career goals it's still early so I can only speculate. I would love to have a Sector position in marine inspections.

Tell us something that your teammates would be surprised to know about you. I have been playing the Tenor Saxophone since 3rd grade. Most people are pretty surprised to hear that it was a big part of my life before the Academy.