Bears Fall at Ohio State

Ben Waalkes
Ben Waalkes

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The Bears traveled to Columbus, Ohio to compete against our rival, Ohio State University. The Bears were defeated by the Buckeyes, 6623 to 6673, but lost to the Buckeyes in Air Pistol and Sport Pistol, but won the Standard Pistol match. The Bears set three Academy Records, two team, and one individual record. The team records were the Aggregate and Sport Pistol events, while Waalkes' individual aggregate score set a new record, with a 1689.

Led by sophomore Ben Waalkes' 557 and freshman Chase Jin's 554, the Bears lost in Air Pistol to Ohio State University, 2207 to 2237. Rounding out the scoring team were seniors Kevin Bennett's 551, and Johnny Ly's personal best 545.

The Bears made a run at Ohio State, led by Waalkes' match high 574 in Sport Pistol, but was not enough to outdistance the Buckeyes 2262 to the Bears 2239, assisting Waalkes was Bennett's personal best 561, Jin's 554, and Choe's 550.

Coast Guard had lost the first two matches and were hoping to win the last match of the weekend. The Bears shot a season high performance in Standard Pistol and defeated the Buckeyes, 2177 to 2174. Waalkes led the Bears with a personal best 557. Rounding out the scoring team were, Bennett's personal best 555, Jin's personal best 534 and Choe's personal best 531. The Bears victory wasn't enough to overcome the Buckeye's 53 point lead. The Bears shot a new Academy Record 6623, but that still wasn't enough to overcome the Buckeye's 6673.

The Bears will travel to West Point to compete against the U.S. Military Academy, Nov. 22-23.