Bears Top Engineers

Bears Top Engineers

NEW LONDON, Conn. - Coast Guard topped MIT in shoulder-to-shoulder-pistol competition at Chase Hall beating the Beavers 6301-5982..   

The Bears handed the Engineers a loss in each of the three Open pistol events this weekend. Freshman Daniel Cheon led all competitors in Free Pistol with a 513, with the Bears winning their first event over MIT, 1967 to 1862. Sophomore Kevin Bennett led all shooters in Standard Pistol with an excellent 554 and Coast Guard had their second victory over MIT, 2136 to 1990. A 251 point lead going into the last of the three Open events was too much for MIT, and again the Engineers fell to the Bears. Junior Brian Kim led all competitors in Air Pistol with a solid 562, with the Coast Guard winning their third event over MIT, 2198 to 2130. To help in the victory were freshmen D.J. Corbett and Esther Choe.

Kim led the aggregate competition with a combined score of 1612, firing a 545 in Standard Pistol, a 562 in Air and a 505 in Free.

In Women's Air Pistol, Choe fired a 366 to lead the women's team to victory firing a team score of 1068 against the Engineer's 1065. Choe led the Bears in sport pistol with a 538 for a team score of 1583 falling to MIT's 1592. Close behind Choe were Corbett and Senior Meghan Van Hise, firing a 532 and 513, respectively. Choe was the high Woman shooter for the Bears with a cumulative score of 904.  

The Bear's Pistol Team will next compete on the road when they again meet up with MIT in Cambridge, MA, 20-21 January 2018.