Eshleman Balances School, Lacrosse and Singing

Eshleman Balances School, Lacrosse and Singing

Sophomore Hannah Eshleman has started her first season with the women's lacrosse team this spring. An average cadets workload is already full in a regular semester but Eshleman's will truly test her time management skills as she is also a member of the Coast Guard Academy Glee Club, Fairwinds group and Octet group.

The Glee Club is a co-ed acapella group made up of 50 cadets, Fairwinds is an all women's acapella group with 12 members and the Octet is an acapella group with four men and four women.  She sings the alto 2 part and has become quite the world traveler as all three groups perform all over the world.

"I have traveled to Massachusetts, New York City, Michigan, Germany, Chicago, and Sutria, said Eshleman. "My favorite memory is traveling to Germany last year and singing at a Chief Warrant Officer Ball there because the crowd sang and danced along with us and seemed to really enjoy the performance."

Not only has she traveled far and wide with the groups, they have also sang the national anthem at a University of Michigan basketball game and also sang in front of Princess Anne last fall.

This spring Eshleman has added a college varsity sport for the first time to her already busy schedule. She will have little free time balancing her regular cadet schedule, practice right after classes, Glee Club after dinner and then homework before bed. 

"I have no free time, but it makes it worth it because I am doing all the things I love to do," added Eshleman.

Eshleman, however, is excited about it being lacrosse season and is looking forward to the opportunity to take part in a college sport.

"I am looking forward to bonding as a team this year for lacrosse," Eshleman said. "Since last year was the first varsity season, the team was getting its feet beneath them. I never thought I would be playing a varsity sport in college, but getting to play has been amazing. I love the team and I feel I have learned a lot about the sport and become much more passionate about it through the program."

Her secret to her success and ability to balance everything is the people at the Academy and the importance of the friendships she has made while being in school.

"I wouldn't make it through such a rigorous program without the friends that have become family along the way," commented Eshleman. "They make the academy feel a lot more like home."

The Bears have their second game of their spring break trip against 14 Messiah College on Wednesday, March 9th. Game time is 12:30.