Bears Win Pair on Lake Quinsigamond

Victoria Castleberry
Victoria Castleberry

WORCESTER, Mass.  – Coast Guard won both the 1V and 2V races on a cool, but sunny morning on Lake Quinsigamond.

Senior Victoria Castleberry, noted, "Today was a fantastic day for the women's team. Both boats are comprised of primarily freshmen and sophomores (between the two boats 13 of the 18 are 3/c and 4/c) and as a result we struggled earlier in the racing season. After today's races it's great to see everyone coming together and just how far we've come with strength and technique." 

The 2V came off the line well and had a slight lead at 350 meters in what was shaping up to be a good race. However, Mt. Holyoke unfortunately "caught a crab" which stalled their progress and CGA was able to row home to the victory. 

In the 1V race junior Jacquelyn Dilley set an aggressive pace and the boat responded well. Working well together they were able to pull away slightly from both Assumption and Mt. Holyoke. Sophomore Marissa Marsh summed it up well. "We've grown a lot this season. As a young team we look forward to building on this success to find out what we are capable of in the championship races."


Varsity 8

CGA -- 07:17.7

Assumption -- 07:22.0

Mt Holyoke -- 07:27.5

2nd Varsity 8

CGA -- 07:51.9

Mt. Holyoke -- 08:31.0

Varsity Eight  
cox        Mary Decker                                  
Stroke   Jacquelyn Dilley                         
7            Katherine Long                                  
6            Mackenzy Karnehm                          
5            Salena Bantz                                          
4            Marissa Marsh                                  
3            Kate Ashbey                            
2            Jacqueline Maher                         
Bow        Elaine Weaver                                        
2nd Varsity Eight                          
cox         Victoria Castleberry       
Stroke    Jordan Solseth  
7            Bruna Pavan     
6            Lindsey Tarro   
5            Zoe Bolling        
4            Faith Snow        
3            Linda Duncan   
2            Jacquelyn Tidd 
Bow        Ruth Tian