Bears Compete in Four Races at Head of the Schuylkill

Bears Compete in Four Races at Head of the Schuylkill

PHILADELPHIA, Pa.  --  Coast Guard raced in four events at the Head of the Schuylkill.

The novice four had a very strong start to their race - they passed four crews early on - until they became entangled with another crew they were passing that did not yield and they were subsequently hit from behind by a third crew. The collision cost the Bears considerable time as they untangled from the other crews.  Luckily there were no injuries and no damage to the boat, so Coast Guard was able to row powerfully down the remainder of the course, but could not make up that lost time.

Novice 4+:

c - Clara Beckert

4 - Marissa Marsh

3 - Elaine Weaver

2 - Niki Kruger

1 - Jill Stuckey

The Varsity four had a strong and uneventful trip down the course, despite a very cold start to the race.  Logistics on the course caused crews to sit for a long time in the warm-up area before racing and the athletes became chilled. Senior captain Laura Beck reported that the 1st 1000 meters of the course was a warm-up for the Bears: they kept the rating on the lower side and warmed up into racing at full tilt. 

Championship 4+:

c - Victoria Castleberry

4 - Laura Beck

3 - Tess Heimerman

2 - Makenzy Karnehm

1 - Zoe Bolling

The novice eight had a very strong performance, finishing 5th out of 41 crews, which was a mix of all division levels. Three of the crews that finished ahead of the Bears were from Division I programs.  Ithaca, a Division III competitor, finished in fourth. With a lot of heart and drive, the Bears raced hard down the course, demonstrating their fitness and the rowing skill they have developed over the season.  It was a terrific closure for this crew for the fall season.

Novice 8+:

c - Clara Beckert

8 - Faith Eckford-Prossor

7 - Elaine Weaver

6 - Niki Kruger

5 - Jill Stuckey

4 - Taylor Rowles

3 - Kate Ashbey

2 - Brigid Walters

1 - Kacie Mau

The varsity eight also had a strong performance.  In the final Coast Guard race of the day, the women powered down the course aggressively, finishing 13th in a field of 56 crews.  They were bettered by only one other Division III program: Hamilton College, who finished fifth. 

Club Championship 8+:

c - Victoria Castleberry

8 - Laura Beck

7 - Tess Heimerman

6 - Marissa Marsh

5 - Alyssa Laystrom

4 - Jacquelyn Dilley

3 - Megan Sackett

2 - Makenzy Karnehm

1 - Zoe Bolling

"Overall, despite a hiccup in the morning Novice 4+ race, today was a great day for the Bears.  It was a strong finish to what has been a really good fall season," said head coach Jodi Hope.  I am proud of all of the athletes and the efforts they displayed today and throughout the seven preceding weeks.  The results this fall set us up very well against our competitors in the spring: we are in the mix, and as long as the athletes continue to put in the work over the winter, we will find ourselves in the mix still in the spring."