Bears Open on Charles River and Place 3rd

Bears Open on Charles River and Place 3rd

BOSTON, Mass. -- The Bears Varsity 8 opened the Spring season by placing third on the Charles River.

Coast Guard had a time of 7.22.2 behind both MIT (7:06.4) and Simmons (7:12.9), but the Bears beat Smith.

The Bears had a shaky start and caught a crab just past the 1000 meter mark which cost the boat some time and confidence.  In the first 200 meters, Coast Guard and MIT were nearly overlapping lanes, with Coast Guard being called to steer starboard to stay on course.  MIT took an early lead and held it, while Simmons slowly pulled ahead of Coast Guard.  Coast Guard was gaining distance on Smith until the crab, when Smith pulled up a few seats and Coast Guard fell back a couple of seats from the leading crews. Going into the sprint, Coast Guard had nearly a length on Smith, but the trailing crew made up two seats to cross the line just two seconds behind Coast Guard.

Meanwhile, the 2V had a great first race, with six out of the nine in the boat being novices in their first-ever sprint race.  "Five of those novices only began rowing a couple of weeks ago (or less), so I am really pleased with how well they did, not only in their first race, but in a varsity event," said Coast Guard head coach Jodi Hope. "They raced poised and aggressive. They came off the water excited and ready to keep working to improve over the season.  It was a great tone to set from this crew."



c - Victoria Castleberry

8 - Sarah Kukich

7 - Laura Beck

6 - Karisa Maurer

5 - Tess Heimerman

4 - Savannah Lyle

3 - Makenzy Karnehm

2 - Tara Strauss

1 - Zoe Bolling



c - Kirsten Sharp (men's team coxswain)

8 - Jacquelyn Dilley

7 - Megan Sackett

6 - Savanna Fordham

5 - Jessica Baek

4 - Silvia Rodriguez-Rios

3 - Maral Toukhanian

2 - Kathryn Haerr

1 - Sarah Chen