Bears V8 Places Third at Lowell

Bears V8 Places Third at Lowell

LOWELL, Mass. –  Coast Guard's Varsity 8 placed third of five crews today.

The Bears Varsity 8 of:

c - Victoria Castleberry

8 - Sarah Kukich

7 - Brynna Cooke

6 - Karisa Maurer

5 - Alyssa Laystrom

4 - Tara Strauss

3 - Laura Beck

2 - Savannah Lyle

1 - Zoe Bolling

finished the course with a time of 6:46.14. Rochester won in 6:38.83 while Colby was second (6:42:13).

The Varsity 4+ race was canceled due to deteriorating conditions.

A very strong tailwind and tail current made for choppy, fast-moving water throughout the race.

This course has a slight stagger at the start of approximately one seat per lane.  Coast Guard was in lane 1, which is at the back of the stagger, with lane 5 (Colby) at the front of the stagger (5 seats up). For the first half of the race, Coast Guard remained down on the leading crews, edging only Bryant.

At the halfway point, they made a move that brought them into third place, trailing U of R and Colby. With 500 meters to go, Coast Guard began their sprint and made up considerable distance on the leading crews, overlapping with Colby across the finish.

"I am really proud of how the women raced today.  They demonstrated an unrelenting spirit with an aggressive fight down the course," said head coach Jodi Hope. "Racing from behind is a mental challenge, and these women stepped up in a big way to close a gap of two lengths."