Novice 4 Places 4th in N.E. Grand Final

Novice 4 Places 4th in N.E. Grand Final

WORCESTER, Mass. – The Coast Guard Novice 4 placed fourth in the Grand Final at the New England Championships.

The Novice 4 won their seven boat heat with a time of 8:14.597 to earn a spot in the Grand Final and had at ime of 8:39.115 in the final to place fourth overall.

The Bears Novice 4 was:

c - Victoria Mock

4 - Savannah Lyle

3 - Tasha Bull

2 - Karisa Maurer

1 - Laura Beck

Heat Results:

1 - Coast Guard 8:14.597

2 - Amherst 8:18.090

3 - Bowdoin 8:19.728

4 - Mt. Holyoke 8:46.790

5 - UMass Lowell 8:52.538

6 - WPI 8:59.195

7 - Middlebury 10:06.599


Results of the Grand Final:

1 - Bates 8:32.839

2 - Bowdoin 8:36.237

3 - Amherst 8:38.658

4 - Coast Guard 8:39.115

5 - Conn College 9:06.104

6 - Assumption 9:21.904

It was a very close race in the Grand Final between second, third, and fourth place.  The Bears were in fourth coming into the last 500 meters and then made a very effective move, pushing out to second place by a deck over the other two crews.  In the sprint, Bowdoin and Amherst pushed the pace and Coast Guard slid back to third.  Amherst was able to overtake Coast Guard one or two strokes ahead of the line and edged out the Bears for a medal.  

"I am very pleased with how the Novice 4+ raced today. We had no expectations heading into the heat - the goal was to beat one boat so they could continue on to one of the finals in the afternoon," said interim head coach Jodi Hope.

The Varsity 8+ placed 5th in their heat, landing themselves in the 3rd level final.  Results of the heat:

The Bears lineup:
Varsity 8:

c - Lindsay Grim

8 - Maren Balke

7 - Cathy Durand

6 - Judy Hooymans

5 - Elyse Bobczynski

4 - Brynna Cooke

3 - Elaine Dana

2 - Emily Quallen

1 - Jane Saunders

Heat Results:

1. Wellesley 7:22.669

2. Wesleyan 7:24.851

3. UNH 7:30.244

4. WPI 7:35.553

5. Coast Guard 7:48.083


"The morning heat was a disappointing. We had set a goal of making the Petite Finals, which required beating one of the other crews in the heat," said Hope.

With prime focus on the boat next to them, UNH, the Bears fought hard to edge out ahead, but the Wildcats surged forward, eventually placing third. WPI trailed UNH about a boat length, out of reach for Coast Guard.

In the afternoon final, the Bears had a much improved race. They raced much more confidently, with longer, more unified and effective strokes.  The Bears shaved off 25 seconds from their morning time, and finished almost a boat length ahead of the rest of the field. 

"The Varsity 8 had a great race in the afternoon, and it was really nice to see them put together some of the pieces that had been missing in the morning. They rowed well together and regained some confidence in their speed and the momentum they have acquired over the last couple of weeks. There is one race to go this season, at the same venue, and we are hungry - this week we will work on a few key areas of their race to build off the gains made over the weekend," added Hope.


Results of the 3rd Level Final:

1 - Coast Guard 7:23.291

2 - Simmons 7:26.287

3 - Mt. Holyoke 7:30.474

4 - Clark 7:42.724

The Bears made a nice comeback against NEWMAC rivals.  In the NEWMAC Championship, Simmons placed 3rd, beating Coast Guard by 11.6 seconds and Mt. Holyoke was 5th, beating Coast Guard by .95 seconds.  Coast Guard has gained about 8 seconds of speed in a couple of weeks.