Bears Scrimmage UMass to Prepare for Season Opener

Bears Scrimmage UMass to Prepare for Season Opener

AMHERST, Mass. -- Coast Guard scrimmaged UMass before opening the season next week.

The Bears placed third behind the two UMass boats. Conditions were nice: flat, calm water  with a slight tail current. 

The times in the 1,500 meter race were as follows.

 UMass A: 5:29.09

UMass B: 5:47.5

Coast Guard: 5:58.88

The Bears Varsity 8 line up consisted of:

C – Cathy Durand

8 - Maren Balke

7 – Judy Hooymans

6 – Elyse Bobczynski

5 – Brynna Cooke

4 – Elaine Dana

3 – Emily Quallen

2 – Jane Saunders

1 – Caitlyn Gever

"Today was a good day. While I am disappointed with where we stacked up against UMass in terms of the margin over 1500 meters, I feel that our crew had a valuable experience and there was a lot that was learned from this racing opportunity," said interim head coach Jodi Hope.

"We were able to identify weaknesses and areas for change, which we can look forward to correcting and improving upon over next week's practices and into the weeks ahead.  With this being our first real opportunity to face up against another crew, we now have some tangible data to build from that should help spur our progression.  We have a lot of work to do still, but we have a strong foundation to work from. I am very thankful to the UMass coaches and crew for inviting us up to their course year after year for this scrimmage; it is a great opportunity for both teams to work on race pieces, and it is an excellent kick-start into the season! We are better prepared now for our next challenges and will go into the race against Wesleyan with improved confidence," added Hope.