Bears V8 Cruises to Win at Lowell

LOWELL, MASS.--(4/14/12)--The Coast Guard Academy's Varsity 8, which moved up to fourth in the CRCA/USRowing Coaches Poll earlier this week, won easily at the River Hawk Racing Series #2.

The Bears, who were missing two starters from the Varsity 8, in seniors Holly Madden and Erin Nolan, won with a time of 6:49 beating Colby (7:07), UMass Lowell (7:17) and Franklin Pierce (8:05).

Senior Emily Balingit-Clark and sophomore Judy Hooymans took the spots of the two starters and joined coxswain Julianna Harvin, Sarah Jane Otey, Tiffany Zehnle, Jess Ward, Kelli Normoyle, Catherine Schmitz and Brynna Cooke to pick up the win.

Coast Guard's second Varsity 8 also won in 7:03 beating Colby (7:19) by 16 seconds. The Bears Novice 8 posted a time of 7:31 in that race since Colby did not have a Novice 8.

The Bears second Varsity 8 consists of coxswain, Jamie Wright, Hooymans, Catherine Durand, Balingit-Clark, Megan Geboski, Maren Balke, Rachel Rand, Tahnee Zaccano and Lena Ludewig.

Varsity Eight:
Coast Guard 6:49
Colby 7:07
UMass Lowell 7:17
Franklin Pierce 8:05

2nd Varsity Eight:
Coast Guard 7:3
Colby 7:19
Coast Guard Novices 7:31

Varsity Four:
UMass Lowell A 8:04
Colby 8:12
UMass Lowell B 8:16
Coast Guard 8:21
Franklin Pierce 8:34

Novice Four:
UMass Lowell 8:04
Coast Guard A 8:14
Coast Guard B 8:23
Franklin Pierce 8:54.9