Erin Morgan
Erin Morgan
Year: 2018
Hometown: Great Mills, MD
High School: Leonardtown High School
Position: Crew

2014-2015: 3rd at Vietor Trophy... 4th at Emily Wick Trophy... 1st at the PC Invitational... 2nd at the Women’s Weekday Invitational... 2nd at the Sacred Heart Invitational

Major: Marine and Environmental Science

Why did you choose to come to the Coast Guard Academy?

My dad was Enlisted in the Coast Guard, and one day, when I said I wanted to do what he did, because he got to do some pretty cool stuff, he told me to be an officer so I could get a college education. Since then, it's been my goal to be an officer and serve my county.

How long have you been sailing? How did you start sailing?

My friend came to me and asked me to come to the first practice with her, because she didn't want to go alone. This was freshman year of high school. Four years later, we are co-captains on the team, both of us now sailing for colleges.

What is your favorite thing about the sailing team at Coast Guard?

The people on the team, because that's who I learn the most from.

What other activities/positions/clubs are you involved with on campus?

Not much, I am part of the LIFE mentoring program, but other than that, I mostly just sail and school stuff.

What is the sailing acheivement that you are most proud of?

Going to the Atlantic Coast Dingy Championships for high school sailors. My team placed tenth overall, but just getting there was an accomplishment, and we (my skipper and I) got two consecutive first places.

What are your future sailing plans and career goals after graduation?

Career goals will be focused around being a Coast Guard Officer. As for sailing, I hope to own my own boat, not a big racing boat, just one I can cruise on.

Tell us something that your teammates would be surprised to know about you.

I have a twin sister who has actually never been sailing, and will never sail because she's afraid of small boats on big water. That's the only way we are different.