Robert Turley
Robert Turley
Year: 2016
Hometown: Sturbridge, MA
High School: Sturbridge High School
Position: Crew/Skipper

Major: Civil Engineering

Why did you choose to come to the Coast Guard Academy? I came here because I grew up sailing and being on the water. Because I was on the water so much, I saw the Coast Guard in action a lot and decided I wanted to be a part of it.

How long have you been sailing? How did you start sailing? I've been sailing for 8 years. I started when my mom signed me up for lessons at a local yacht club.

What is your favorite thing about the sailing team at Coast Guard? I like how everyone on the team are really good friends; they provide a second group of people outside of my Company that I know very well. 

What other activities/positions/clubs are you involved with on campus? I am in the aviation club.

What is the sailing achievement that you are most proud of? I am most proud of being able to compete with a D-1 team as a freshman.

What are your future sailing plans and career goals after graduation? I will hopefully own a big boat when I'm older. After graduation, I plan on either going to flight school or being stationed on a cutter. I also hope to do ocean racing at some point while I’m at the Academy.

Tell us something that your teammates would be surprised to know about you. I was once boarded by the Coast Guard and failed the boarding because I didn't have enough life jackets.