Harrington, Ford Compete in Junior Olympic Qualifier

Alexandria Harrington
Alexandria Harrington

NEW LONDON, Conn. -- Freshmen Alexandria Harrington and Randall Ford competed in the 18-20 year old class of the 2016 Eastern Division of the Connecticut Junior Olympic Rifle Championships (JORC) held in the Chase Hall range complex on January 9th.

The pair, both National JORC veterans, were vying for yet another coveted invitation to the National Junior Olympic Championships to be held at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado in April.

The JORC is an important element in the development of world class marksmen allowing skilled junior athletes to obtain National competitive experience for future development. The program also serves as an opportunity for top finishers to be offered an appointment to the National Junior Team.

With only a few days of training available to get back to competitive speed after returning from Winter leave they made wise use of their daily training sessions, concentrating on their strength in Air Rifle.

A win at the state level, or exceeding a national cut off score, ensures an invitation. The two Bears face an additional hurdle as the scores they shot in Chase Hall do not count in Connecticut as they are legal residents of other states. Therefore there will be an additional delay as their scores are reported and a national ranking is determined.

In the 40 shot women's Air Rifle event Harrington scored a 384X400 and Ford's 558X600 in the men's Air Rifle match placed them both over the 2015 national cut off scores. While these scores, compared to previous cut off scores, give a strong indication of the possibility of an invitation, they will simply have to wait it out until the national rankings are established.