Coast Guard's Paisker MAC Air Rifle Athlete of the Month

Nick Paisker
Nick Paisker

The Mid Atlantic Rifle Conference has named Coast Guard rifleman Nicholas Paisker as its Air Rifle Shooter of the Month. This is the second time that Paisker has been so honored.

Piasker's citation reads: As team captain, Paisker, entering his third year of collegiate competition, has been an exemplar to the six new inexperienced freshman team members. Well versed in the ways of the Academy, and just as well organized, Paisker has kept the freshman class of rifle shooters on task on the rifle range and in the classroom. Paisker is well aware that a good classroom performance is essential for an equally good performance on the range.

While he has shepherded the freshman he has not neglected his own academic and range work.

Paisker, who is the school record holder in Air Rifle, has paced the Bears during the first part of the season being first or second scorer on the team in each match. In each event the school bested it previous record: two matches two new school records.

Along the way he tied both the school smallbore individual prone and grand aggregate records; records that he set less than ten months ago.

Coast Guard's Head Shooting Coach, Dr. Richard Hawkins, notes that, "Nick is a hard worker who keeps a vigilant eye out for his younger team mates. He contributes to the team with a solid score and, but just as importantly, as a role model and leader."