Harrington Has Record Setting Day for Bears

Alex Harrington
Alex Harrington

NEW LONDON, Conn. --  In medieval England a popular spectator sport was bear baiting in which a bear was chained to a tree and dogs were set loose upon him.  It was a modern day equivalent when the John Jay College Bloodhounds and the Yale University Bulldogs came up against the Coast Guard Bears in a three way rifle match at the Chase Hall Range Complex on October 24th.

As in old England the bear might occasionally have a chunk taken out of him. Such was the case in air rifle when John Jay topped the home team by 16 points, 2307 to 2290.  The disappointment of the loss was moderated by the fact that Nick Paisker, Lindsey Critser, Alexandria Harrington and Randall Ford set a new school record in the event, a 2290. Harrington was knotted in a three way tie for first in individual competition with a 581.

The record setting in air rifle flowed on over to smallbore where the match opened with Harrington breaking the school kneeling record by a single point with a 192X200. Paisker and Critser teamed up to tie Paisker's current prone record when they both recorded scores of 197X200 in the second stage of the match. Paisker paced the smallbore shooters with the top score, a 567, in individual competition.

The two veteran shooters, supported by Harrington and Ford, put together a smallbore record score of 2211 which, when combined with the air rifle score, established a new Academy aggregate team record of 4511.

Critser's 571 in air and 557 in smallbore were personal bests inspiring Harrington, Melissa Brizzi, Skye Ambrose, Dave Rose, and Jacob Dupree to also achieve personal bests.

The Bears are now 6-0 on the young season. They will next travel to West Point on the November 7 where they come up against  strong rivals from NCAA Division I, Army, Navy, and Air Force, in the President's Cup.