Bears Beat MIT

Bears Beat MIT

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--Coast Guard won the aggregate open competition against MIT Pistol 6098 to 6075. The scores in the three events were: Free Pistol (1948 to 1871), Air Pistol (2110 to 2147), and Standard Pistol (2040 to 2057).

Senior Jacob Sibilski led the Bears with a combined score of 1584 and led the team in each of the three components, firing a 532 Air Pistol, 542 Standard Pistol, and a 510 Free Pistol. Senior co-captain Laura Carts fired the second best score in Air Pistol with a 529, while Senior Brian Hills fired the second best score in Free Pistol and Standard Pistol, 496 and 511, respectively.  

In Women's Sport Pistol, Carts fired the team's high score of 534 to lead the Coast Guard team, but the team fell short of victory, firing 1576 to 1652 against the MIT's women team.

The Bear's women's air pistol team lost a close competition against MIT, firing 1039 to 1060. For the cumulative Women's score, the Bears lost against a tough MIT team, 2615 to 2712, to lose their first competition of the season. Carts was the high shooter for the Bears with a cumulative score of 887.  

Carts, Sibilski, Sophomore Caleb Metroka, Hills, and Junior Corrin Nolin were members of Coast Guard's five-man team in all disciplines. The team fired a high season score in Standard Pistol and Free Pistol.  

The Bear's Pistol Team will again face stiff competition when MIT travels to New London in an attempt to avenge their loss, December 6th and 7th.