Good Day for Bears at NE Championships

Good Day for Bears at NE Championships

WORCESTER, Mass. -- It was a good time to happen. The Bears had their best races of the season.  As team captain senior John-Paul Yalov stated, "All three boats raced aggressively with results that both rewarded the hard work from the season and laid the foundation for an exciting year to come."  All three of the men's boats made the petite finals and are ready for more.

The Varsity 8 placed 9th overall and bested rivals Wesleyan, Colby and Trinity in the petite final. CGA was in the hunt with only 12 seconds separating the top 12 schools. Stroke junior Andrew Niedbala noted, "It has been a building process our three years and it's great to see how far we have come."

The Second Varsity 8 had their best race of the year to-date.  All season long the M2V8 have started well, but have been unable to maintain the pace, but today, as junior Stephen Bruno noted, "We definitely had the most composure of any race all season."  They were able to stay with the pack and pull ahead of URI in an exciting finish, also besting UCONN, and securing a 10th place finish.

The Third Varsity 8, with six walk-on novices in the boat, pulled off what will be their springboard race into next year placing 9th and having a very solid race for their last race of the season.

"I have to thank our two departing seniors JP Yalov and Logan Hutson who raced their last race on Lake Quinsigamond in CGA uniforms," said head coach Bill Randall. "They have been the foundation of our rebuilding and held the team together.  They are the only remaining members of the 2015 team.  They have brought us a long way - one way to see the progress is the team standings - 2016 - 21st overall with 9 points (my first year) to 2018 - 11th overall with 38.6 points.  They persevered and have lead the team with with passion and commitment!  BZ Logan and JP!"

The 1V and 2V will race one last weekend.  Next Friday and Saturday the CGA boats will be back on the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia, Pa. for the Dad Vail Regatta.  Please come support the team if you have the opportunity.


Boatings –

First Varsity (M1V8): Coxswain - Alexis Laskowski, Andrew Niedbala, Connor Rivera, Evan Boisse, Brad Ragan, Walter Daniels, Michael Brachmann, Ian Hopper, Matthew Pindell

Second Varsity (M2V8): Coxswain - Aoife Dahill-Baue, Ben Glashagel, Stephen Bruno, Zachary Brigham, Zachary Gordon, Logan Hutson, Justin Steiner, Jared Mihalcik, John-Paul Yalov

Third Varsity (M3V8): Coxswain - Anna Kemball-Cook, Joshua Romano, Liam Caro, Nathaniel Skrabacz, Justin Gardner, Jacob Skimmons, Josh Brown, Oliver Simon, Chandon Davis