Bears See Positives as they Open Season at MIT

Bears See Positives as they Open Season at MIT

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- Coast Guard opened the season at MIT.

MIT gained an advantage off the starting line and slowly pulling away throughout the race, but there were some real positives. The Bears were only 11 seconds off a good D1 crew; last year they were 25 seconds behind the MIT varsity and 2 seconds behind their 2V. 

"With a young team that is still discovering their potential (there are five 4/c in the varsity including the coxswain, three 3/c, and one 2/c) we were were able to start clean, settle strong, and race well the entire course.  I am excited with what I saw today - we have a great attitude in the boat house, we have some folks that like to race, and we will continue to improve through the season," said head coach Bill Randall.

In the Four - CGA A 7:00.080, MIT 7:00.48, CGA B 7:11.9, CGA C 7:17.7

It was the most exciting race of the day. MIT was unable to field a second eight due to injury, illness, and academic challenges.  They were able to boat a four and we were able to boat three 4s.

CGA A was coxed by Alexis Laslowski with Stephen Bruno as Stroke, Walt Daniels at 3, Austin Betts (in his first sprint race) at 2, and co-captain JP Yalov in the bow. They raced equal with MIT down the entire course with never more than a few feet between them. 

"I was proud of the poise that the boat displayed in a tight race and they were able to push into the lead as we approached the finish line winning by .4 seconds (about 4 feet or so)," said Randall.

CGA B was coxed by Josh Brown, a rower that stepped up to cox so we could race, stroke - Jerett Jenkins, 3- Mike (Rosie) Rosenberg, Brendan Powell -2, and bow - Evan Boisse.  This was Rosie's first sprint race and Brendan's and Evan's first race period.  Nicknamed the hogs after the famous Washington offensive line they have added some size to the team with a boat average of 200 lbs.  They rowed well, showed poise, and Randall suspects when they are combined with the four guys from the "A" four will present a very good 2V eight.

CGA C was coxed by Jared Mihalcik, another rower that stepped up to cox, Zach Brigham - stroke, Zach Kayser - 3, Thorn Nelthropp - 2, and bow - Jake Skimmons.  They put some pressure on CGA B today and they will continue to put pressure on the guys currently in the 2V as they compete for a seat in that boat.  This is also the core of a 3V eight that CGA has not been able to race in some time, but we believe we will be able to race next week against Wesleyan.


cox - Aoife Dahill-Baue
Stroke - Ian Hopper
7 - Michael Brachmann
6 - Andrew Niedbala
5 - Paul Leung
4 - Brad Ragan
3 - Jacob Brookhart
2 - Logan Hutson
1 - Connor Rivera