The mission of the United States Coast Guard Academy Student-Athlete Advisory Committee is to forge the optimal athletic experience for all Coast Guard Academy student-athletes.  With a broad range of representatives from each of the Coast Guard Academy’s varsity athletic teams, the SAAC aims to create an athletic platform that allows student athletes to utilize their leadership potential.  The Coast Guard Academy SAAC believes community service is paramount; “committed to service above self.” Another priority is to increase student attendance for all Varsity level sports; showing the upmost support between cadets and cadet athletes. Creating a positive environment for both its student athletes and the community, CGA SAAC hopes to set an example along with the entire NEWMAC conference of holding academics along with athletics at its highest standard, and representing the Coast Guard to the best of their ability.



The purpose of the Bear cup is a competition that can be played by all varsity teams, in order to provide a means by which cadet-athletes can compete for points in various skills categories. These categories focus on developing the support of other varsity teams, performance in the classroom, individual and team success along with overall physical health.

Points can be won by the following:

1. Average team GPA for the fall and spring semesters. Points will be awarded for places 1-10. 1st place 100pts, 2nd place 90pts and so on.

2. Team representation at SAAC meetings. Points will be awarded to every rep that attends. 25 points per rep will be awarded.

3. PFE scores: The top 5 scores from each team will be averaged. Points will be awarded to places 1-5. 1st place will receive 50pts, 2nd place 40pts and so on.

4. Individual awards per team. Points will be awarded for All-Conference, All-Region, All-American recognition and All-Academic team (must be 1st, 2nd or 3rd team, no honorable mention). All-American is 100pts, All-Region is 75pts, All-Conference is 50pts and All-Academic is 50pts.  

5. Attendance at other teams games. Teams with fewer than 11 members must have 90% attendance. Teams with 12-25 members must have 75% attendance. Teams with more than 25 members must have 60% in attendance. 200pts will be awarded per event that your team attends.

6. Specialty Events:

Winter food drive: points awarded per every food item (must mark with team name). Leave items outside volleyball or basketball offices. 10pts per item donated. Ends December 17th!!  

            Spring: TBD

7. Winning season. Any team with a .500 or above winning record will be awarded points. Teams will be awarded 150pts for this accomplishment.  

The team that wins will receive a team event that is paid for by athletics. A trophy will be awarded and passed on to the winning team year to year.


The winner of the Inaugural Bear Cup during the 2014-15 season was the Wrestling team with a total of 2,840 points. The wrestling team reps for the season were Nate Giorgio and Mike Shermot. Congrats!!


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