Cadence Push-Up Test




  • Honest Effort Rule: All test participants are expected to give their personal best effort on each component of the PFE. Failure to comply with this rule on any test component may result in the test being nullified and repeated in its entirety.
  • PFE test participants are required to submit their own score sheets to the scoring table. Forms should be filled out completely and signed by the participant once the recorder has finished.
  1. Equipment: CD, PA system, polyspots, stop watch (for back up).
  2. Personnel: Examiners will organize cadets into rows, which will be marked by polyspots. One examiner will be assigned to start the CD. The other examiners will monitor cadet push‐ups while maintaining a semi stationary position; observing proper start position, push‐up technique, and cadence. The examiners will have final judgment on proper push‐up execution, termination of the test, and whether or not a restart will be allowed. The recorder will sit off to the side of their partner performing the push‐ups and count the total number of correctly executed repetitions.

3.          Description: (Examiner will read description). Lie prone, ready to perform full push‐ up. Hands should be shoulder width apart with thumbs approximately under the shoulders and hands slightly outside the shoulder area. This hand placement should be comfortable for the examinee; pushups performed with a fist are acceptable. Fingers should be pointing forward. Elbows are bent. Feet are together. Body  position is in‐line from head, neck, shoulders, back, hips, and feet. This position stays true throughout the test. The tape will count down from 5 to 1. The next command will be “up”. The up position is elbows locked, body straight. The head and neck should be in line with the back. This will be followed by “down”. The down position is bending your elbows and lowering your entire body as a single unit until your upper arms are at least parallel to the ground (90 degrees). Continue for as long as possible, staying with the cadence, and pushing the body up and lowering it down as a single unit. No resting is permitted and hand/foot position cannot be changed. The test is terminated when the participant no longer executes a proper push‐up and/or is off cadence. The maximum number of push‐ups is 60 over two minutes.

  1. Points for Examiners: If the cadet fails to maintain the cadence or breaks form (bends back or changes hand position), the test is finished. The examiner will say “done.”
  2. Scoring1: The recorder will write down total number of properly executed push‐ups on the official score sheet.


1 The Male Pushup equation is: 1.309322*(total pushups)+20.977

The Female Pushup equation is: 1.430625*(total pushups)+31.52025