Kelsey DePorto -- Volleyball

Kelsey DePorto -- Volleyball


It's Monday morning and the start of an exciting week. We are leaving Thursday afternoon for Chicago so I have a lot of work to get ahead on this week. I still cannot believe I will be back in Chicago at the end of this week playing volleyball in front of my friends and family.

Going home to play some Midwest volleyball is so surreal. How did I get so lucky as to be playing a short 45 minutes away from home? All I can think is that I am one lucky girl. It's going to be a competitive weekend but I know the team is ready. Words cannot describe how excited I am to have the new freshmen on the team. We have all started to bond and play well together. This will be an intense weekend as well as season, that is for sure.

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Middle Hitter


We just got out of practice at Elmhurst. I thought we were the only ones with that hot of a gym. The flight in was strange. Flying into my home airport and then not going home, it was hard to wrap my mind around. But we are here to play my favorite sport, not to play with my dog. The gym is different so it's going to be hard getting used to the flooring but I know we will overcome that. I'm excited to play tonight. My friends and family are coming so the gym will feel more comfortable. We are going to Jimmy Johns now. Some of the girls don't know what that is. Midwest is the best.